Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

Medicinal Uses

While the Girl Scout Cookies strain doesn’t have a high CBD content, it can boast a high THC content of as much as 28%. This makes it not only excellent for recreational use but also for medicinal purposes. Effective at soothing the nerves, its sativa content boosts low mood while its Indica genes provide effective relaxation. Those suffering from chronic pain will find this strain an ideal choice, while those suffering from a poor appetite or nausea will also appreciate its medicinal benefits. GCS is also useful in treating insomnia thanks to its potently relaxing properties.

If using this strain to combat a severe or chronic pain disorder, or to treat nausea and appetite loss, concentrates and edibles made from this strain are the best option to ensure the highest dose and the longest-lasting effect. Conversely, smoking Girl Scout Cookies weed is often best to treat anxiety, depression or stress.

The Effects Of This Strain

The potent and euphoric high produced by this strain begins in the user’s head, producing a halo sensation. The high will then spread throughout the body, reducing pains and aches, making the entire body relax. Users are often easily amused and since this strain also stimulates the appetite, the munchies are a common effect. The balancing of the indica and sativa strains in this hybrid means that it can help users to feel creative and inspired, euphoric and happy or relaxed and couch-locked. It’s often best used later in the day if you want to unwind and fully relax. Its high lasts for a few hours thanks to the high level of THC this strain contains, so you’ll get plenty of value from each smoke.

There are few common negative side effects associated with the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Dry mouth and dry eyes are those which are most commonly reported. Occasionally, paranoia and anxiety can occur although this is usually when the user tokes too fast and too much. Small hits therefore are advised when smoking this powerful strain.

Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain Right For You?

If you’re looking for a seriously potent strain, the award-winning GCS could be the right option for you. It’s well-known around the world for good reason – its high THC level and amazing quality paired with its intoxicating aroma and sweet flavor make it a wonderful choice for either medical or recreational use.

60% Indica / 40% Sativa

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